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                            About Edison

Edison is one of America’s Best Places to Live according to Money Magazine. It is the home of Thomas Alva Edison’s famed Menlo Park laboratory where the incandescent light bulb was perfected and sound was first recorded. The name was officially changed to Edison Township on November 10, 1954. 

Every summer they have Plays-in-the-Park in Roosevelt Park. It is something inexpensive and nice for the family to do. If you would like to grab a bite to eat before the play and do some shopping, Menlo Park Mall is just one block away from the theatre. If it is a rainy day and nothing much else to do, there is the AMC movie theatre right in Menlo Park Mall. Which is also a dine-in, so you can enjoy a cocktail and food while watching a movie in a nice reclining chair.

If you visit during the winter they have ice skating out doors in Roosevelt Park, where you enjoy a beautiful scenery of the woods while skating.  During June via October, every Sunday they have Farmer's Market with specials, activities and recipes.   

Edison also has the NJ Convention & Exposition Center that holds on average 100 shows a year. There are all kinds of different events, from Home & Garden to Dinosaurs & Fossils and many more. It is the biggest exhibition center in NJ and a very flexible venue that has the full capacity to accommodate any kind of public or private event or trade fair.